OUTSIDE goes outside.

plywood, woods, windows, outer wall materials, monitor, CRT etc...
Photo by Kazuki Yamakura
Gallery Coexist Tokyo [correct way of distortion]
May 25 (Wed)
I started to make OUTSIDE with woods, plywood and building materials left in the studio.
But, OUTSIDE was inside the box made by plywood.

June 26 (Wed)
Put the caster on the OUTSIDE.

June 29 (Wed)
OUTSIDE completed almost.

July 3 (Sun)
Took OUTSIDE outside. I went around in residential areas while keeping put me OUTSIDE.After that, I went outside.

July 5 (Tue)
I slept rough in OUTSIDE. That trace remained OUTSIDE.

July 6 (Wed)
At morning, I wake up in OUTSIDE.
Unexpectedly, I could sleep well. When I got out to buy breakfast, it felt like other town view.
There are not any difference.

July 7 (Thu)
I put the OUTSIDE in the gallery. And, I decided where to put the OUTSIDE in a room.

July 8 (Fri)
Because decided the place, I joint the OUTSIDE and outside, by connecting Ventilation opening of gallery and vent of the OUTSIDE.
Next is first day. During the exhibition, how many morning will be have.
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